What Are Installment Loans?

Feb 9, 2022
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Every now and then, we need a loan to get by. There are many different types of loans out there, so you may feel overwhelmed as you consider which one is right for you. One type of loan is called an installment loan, in which you borrow a set amount of money that must be paid back over a fixed time period. The exact 

amount of time is determined with your lender, and payments are expected to be due monthly. It's common for most installment loan borrowers to pay it off in 72 months, or roughly six years.


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Examples Of Installment Loans


Installment loans can be used for many different circumstances. The following examples are the most common:


Auto Loans


Buying a car is a huge investment, in which many owners will take out a loan that is paid off anywhere between 12 and 96 months. It is possible to pay off the loan over a longer period, but the interest rate will increase, and you could end up paying more over time. You will actually pay less to pay off your vehicle with, say, a 36-month loan as opposed to an 84-month one.




A home is arguably the most important financial investment most of us will make. Mortgages are a type of loan that help you make payments on the house over a span of 15 to 30 years. These loans typically have fixed interest rates that will not change over time, so you will always pay the same amount each month.


Personal Loans


Personal loans can be used for many purposes, but the most common is consolidated debt that can accumulate rather quickly, such as medical debt. These, too, are typically paid off within a span of 12 to 96 months, but also tend to have some of the highest interest rates. This is because they don't require collateral upfront, as cars and houses do.


Can Installment Loans Affect Existing Credit?


Typically, any credit check will lower your credit score by a few points. But, paying back your installment loan consistently will help you build credit. Having a good payment history makes up roughly a third of your credit score, so it's important to make sure you're in a financially secure position before agreeing to the terms of your loan. Missed or delayed payments will damage credit a lot more than a credit check: you can lose 50 to 100 points if your payment is delayed by 30 days or more. Many lenders will offer automatic payments, so you'll never forget to pay back what you owe.


Getting An Installment Loan


Different lenders will use different methods when they consider your loan application and decide your rate. The pre-qualification process allows you to see how much you are qualified for, and what your payment rate will be, without any negative effect on your credit score. It's important to assess your current budget to make sure that there's enough funds for making loan repayments before you get pre-qualified.


You can get an installment loan at credit unions, banks, and reputable online lenders. The time it takes to apply can vary with each.


Installment Loans in Florida


Rapid Auto Loans isn't like other lenders, in that we don't require a perfect credit score, or any credit at all for that matter, in order to provide a loan: just a functioning, properly licensed vehicle. If you need cash quickly, we're here to help. Call us today at 954-678-5781 if you have questions, or fill out an online application.




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Title loans can be a saving grace when money is tight. Not only do they provide instant cash without lengthy processing periods, but there is no need to provide a credit score. Getting a Florida title loan is just as easy, especially when using a convenient provider like Rapid Auto Loans.

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Rapid Auto Loans Favorite Money Saving Internet Tools

With the rising costs of food, fuel, rent, and even home prices, finding ways to save money is imperative for most Americans. Online shopping is one way that you can save money on things that you need and are already going to buy. Money-saving browser extensions can help you find promo codes, coupons, or cashback offers that make that next Amazon order a steal of a deal. This savings along with the help of Rapid Auto Loans can be used to help you pay for other bills you may have piling up.

Rapid Auto Loans is a consumer finance company licensed under Florida 516. The term title loan is used for marketing purposes only.
All loans have a repayment period of 12 months and there is no minimum prepayment penalty. Interest Rates are determined and approved by the State of Florida based on the borrowed amount and the maximum APR (which includes interest rate plus fees and other costs for a year) is 30%. You pay interest only for the time your loan is outstanding. Below is a representative example of the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees:



Government Fee


Credit investigative Fee


Documentary Stamp Tax


Total amount Financed


Original Loan Date




Monthly Payment (x12)

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