Quick Cash When You Need It

Oct 25, 2021
Title Loans

There may come a time when you need quick cash and seem to be out of options. Fortunately, Rapid Auto Loans has a solution. It may be that you are struggling with a negative credit history, but this shouldn't prevent you from accessing quick cash when you need it! At Rapid Auto Loans, we can assist you in borrowing money based on the current equity of your vehicle. Let's look at how this works.


Rapid Approval, Quick Cash 


Rapid Auto Loans provides same day approval for short-term loans based on the condition and value of your vehicle and not your customer credit. With an easy, online application process, the loan amount will be determined. Once an appointment is set up with authorized inspection centers, the verification process takes around 30 minutes. You can even use the virtual inspection tool when applying to expedite the process.


Once the application has been approved, you'll receive your loan amount in hand. You can do this without any credit transaction history checks; the loan amount is financed based solely on the ability to refinance your used car loan.


Quick Cash FAQs 


You might have a few questions now because we agree, this process sounds effortless.


How Long Is The Repayment Term?


Clients have one year to repay the loan amount back. This way, you know exactly how much you need to pay back and how long the payments will run for, without years of debt looming over you. This makes the process a low-risk option, and you're more likely to be able to pay your loan back in full.


How Big Are The Loan Amounts?


We have designed our loans to be manageable amounts so that it is easy to obtain and easy to pay back. Title loans average at around $2,000 and can be paid back over 12 months with competitive interest rates. The amount of your loan will depend on the value of your vehicle. The limit for title loans in most states is up to $10,000.


How Does Repayment Work?


Your first payment is due 30 days from the loan date, and there is no prepayment penalty. Interest will only be charged when there is a payment amount outstanding. You won't be charged a late payment fee for up to 10 days on every payment that is due. For added convenience, you can mail payment to us, pay via the website, or pay at an authorized payment center. These are located inside any Walmart or 7-11 stores across the state of Florida.


Get Quick Cash Today 


If you're interested in taking out a car title loan, get in contact with us today. We will provide you with immediate access to funds, and we don't overlook customers where other lenders might. Our aim is exceptional customer service and for this reason we have a high customer retention rate with up to 40% of our customers returning. 


Ready to apply? Contact us today at 954-678-5781 and get the process started in a matter of minutes.


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Rapid Auto Loans is Florida's Best Auto Equity Loan Company

If you are in need of fast cash for an emergency car repair, it can be difficult to get approved for a loan with a traditional bank lender. That's where Rapid Auto Loans come in. Rapid Auto Loans is Florida's fastest and easiest way to get approved for an auto equity loan. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to get their loan from us.

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What Are My Options For Quick Loans?

If you’re looking for quick loans, you’re in luck. You have a few options to choose from. Which loan you choose is completely dependent on what you need the loan for and your personal circumstances. When you’re shopping for a same-day loan, chances are your main options will fall into a few main categories.

Rapid Auto Loans is a consumer finance company licensed under Florida 516. The term title loan is used for marketing purposes only.
All loans have a repayment period of 12 months and there is no minimum prepayment penalty. Interest Rates are determined and approved by the State of Florida based on the borrowed amount and the maximum APR (which includes interest rate plus fees and other costs for a year) is 30%. You pay interest only for the time your loan is outstanding. Below is a representative example of the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees:



Government Fee


Credit investigative Fee


Documentary Stamp Tax


Total amount Financed


Original Loan Date




Monthly Payment (x12)

Rapid Auto uses “Auto Title Loans” for advertisement purposes only and provides auto equity loans. The lenders are licensed under the “Florida Consumer Finance Act” under Florida Statute 516 and as such lenders loans is exempt from any licensing requirements under the “Florida Title Loan Act” to the extent that any of lenders activities involve the making of a loan of money to a consumer secured by bailment of a certificate of title to a motor vehicle.