Is Rapid Auto Loans Better Than TitleMax For Car Title Loans?

Jan 18, 2022
Title Loans

Car title loans offer quick cash to anyone facing a financial hardship who needs emergency money. These loans use the value of your vehicle as collateral. Ultimately, car title loans help keep our customers out of foreclosure, from their utilities being shut off, and out of collections. At Rapid Auto Loans, our goal is to help our customers get the cash they need quickly.


What's The Difference Between Rapid Auto and Our Competition?


The main difference between Rapid Auto Loans and its competition is the time we give to repay back the loan. Unlike other companies such as TitleMax that allow only a 30-day payment plan, we offer our customers a car title loan that can be paid back over a period of 12 months. We also offer a competitive interest rate. Best of all, we never look at your income or credit score to determine whether you're eligible for a car title loan with us.


Benefits of Choosing Car Title Loans


The amount of money that you can borrow with us will depend on the state laws where you live and the value of your car, not your income or your credit score. This means that the interest rate we give you also isn't dependent on these things either. This is particularly great for someone who is unemployed or who is working on repairing their credit score. Those who are self-employed can also benefit from these loans as typically it is harder for them to obtain title loans, especially when they need one fast.

At Rapid Auto Loans, we work hard to approve these loans quickly. Our car title loans start at just $100. We use your vehicle's value as collateral for the loan and you can still drive your vehicle during the loan's repayment.


What Do I Need to Apply for Car Title Loans?


All that you need to apply for a car title loan with Rapid Auto Loans is your driver's license. We will conduct a title search to ensure that there is no existing lien on your vehicle before a loan is approved. We also require you to show us proof of insurance. If you own this vehicle with someone else, they must be present to sign off on this car title loan.

The approval time for a car title loan can take as little as just one half-hour. Your first payment will be due within 30 days after your car title loan is approved at Rapid Auto Loans.


Start a Car Title Loans Application Today


When you're looking for a fast and easy way to get emergency cash when you need it most, apply for car title loans online at Rapid Auto Loans. Simply bring your vehicle title, proof of insurance, and your driver's license to one of our offices in Florida to begin the car title loan approval process.

Note: You can expedite the approval process by completing your car title loan application online before you visit us. To get your application started, visit Rapid Auto Loans' website to begin the title loan application process.



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Are funds running low and you’re in need of instant cash? Then you may want to look at applying for a car title loan. We live in a world where poor credit history or a low income makes it nearly impossible to get a loan. With a car title loan, none of that matters!

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Quick Cash When You Need It

There may come a time when you need quick cash and seem to be out of options. Fortunately, Rapid Auto Loans has a solution. It may be that you are struggling with a negative credit history, but this shouldn’t prevent you from accessing quick cash when you need it! At Rapid Auto Loans, we can assist you in borrowing money based on the current equity of your vehicle. Let’s look at how this works.

Rapid Auto Loans is a consumer finance company licensed under Florida 516. The term title loan is used for marketing purposes only.
All loans have a repayment period of 12 months and there is no minimum prepayment penalty. Interest Rates are determined and approved by the State of Florida based on the borrowed amount and the maximum APR (which includes interest rate plus fees and other costs for a year) is 30%. You pay interest only for the time your loan is outstanding. Below is a representative example of the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees:



Government Fee


Credit investigative Fee


Documentary Stamp Tax


Total amount Financed


Original Loan Date




Monthly Payment (x12)

Rapid Auto uses “Auto Title Loans” for advertisement purposes only and provides auto equity loans. The lenders are licensed under the “Florida Consumer Finance Act” under Florida Statute 516 and as such lenders loans is exempt from any licensing requirements under the “Florida Title Loan Act” to the extent that any of lenders activities involve the making of a loan of money to a consumer secured by bailment of a certificate of title to a motor vehicle.