Getting A Personal Loan with a Car as Collateral

Feb 11, 2022
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There are times where you may need a personal loan fast to cover unexpected bills and expenses. One way to do this is with a personal loan with a car as collateral. Things happen and you may need a personal loan just to make it until your next payday. One of the fastest ways is to get a personal loan with a car as collateral. Here is what you need to know.


Your Car Is Easy Collateral


Every car can be sold for a few thousand dollars at the least, which makes your car an easy source of collateral for a loan. Cars are always in high demand, and you are likely to have a car that you can use.

While most cars can be used as collateral, there are some requirements. For example, your car must be in working condition, have a current title, and be street legal. Otherwise, it does not have much value as collateral.

The value of your car also affects the amount of the loan that you can get. The more valuable your car is, the bigger the loan you can take. If you need a $1,000 loan, then your car must be worth at least that much.


One Year to Pay Back the Loan


One of the most important parts of your personal loan to watch is the term length. It is how long you have to pay back the loan. In most cases, personal loans last up to one year.

Your payments are divided into 12 equal payments based on the value of your loan. Before you take the loan, make sure that you can afford the monthly payments, including any additional fees and costs.


Check the Terms of the Loan


Check the terms of the loan thoroughly before you accept it. Not knowing what is in the paperwork that you signed is not a valid or legal excuse for violating the terms of your loan contract. You want to make sure that you know and can hold to these terms. Otherwise, you can face penalties.

The terms of your loan (i.e. the rules that you have to follow) can make a big difference in the outcome. For example, some loan contracts may let you miss one payment date without a penalty as long as you pay it back before the end of the contract and don't miss another payment. Other contracts are stricter than that, and you need to know which contract you are signing.

In general, your contract will have a start date, monthly payment date, and closing date. You must make your monthly payment before the close of business on that day or get a penalty. You must also pay the full amount that you owe (i.e. penalties, principle, interest, fees, and anything else that you owe) by the closing date.


If you do not, you could default on the loan and lose your car. Therefore understanding loan terms can have such a big impact on your loan repayment.


Getting Your Loan is Fast


If you are looking for a personal loan, the chances are that you need it fast. You can get a personal loan the same day that you apply if you use your car as collateral. In some cases, it takes as little as an hour to apply, be approved, sign the paperwork, and walk out with cash in hand. It all depends on having the necessary documentation and working with the agent to work through the process.


You Can Apply for a Personal Title Loan Online


You can apply for a personal title loan online to start the process right now. At Rapid Auto Loans, we make it as easy as possible to get the emergency funds that you need as fast as possible. Start the process by applying for an online auto loan quote today!




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