Can I Get A Car Title Loan With Past Bankruptcy?

Aug 26, 2021
Title Loans

Having past bankruptcy on your record can be a pain. Getting emergency funding is difficult with lenders often being reluctant to offer financing. This is where a car title loan can save the day. Here's how you can get a car title loan even with past bankruptcy.


Don't Let Bankruptcy Stop You

If you have a past bankruptcy record, getting a car title loan may be easier than you think. Putting your bankruptcy behind you should stay that way. You shouldn't have to be reminded of your past when applying for a loan. At Rapid Auto Loans, we use your car as collateral. This means that you can turn your car into cash and still drive it.


You Can Still Qualify for A Car Title Loan

If your bankruptcy is closed, dismissed, or discharged, you have the green light for a car title loan. Based on a closed bankruptcy, we're able to lend anyone that otherwise qualifies. We want the best for your financial future. This is why lending in active bankruptcy will only set you up to fail.


Go Ahead and Apply

Rapid Auto Loans offers you a straightforward application process. No lengthy applications or questionnaires. Simply complete an online application or give us a call. Once your application is done, we determine the amount of cash you qualify for. Remember that any resolved past bankruptcy won't affect your application. The next step is to make an appointment at one of our authorized inspection centers or to download our virtual inspection tool. 


You'll need the following for your appointment:

  • Mail item dated within 45 days
  • The vehicle being financed
  • Your title (or registration if applicable)
  • An ID photo of yourself


Go ahead and apply. Nothing is stopping you!


Get Fast Cash the Same Day

Once you've completed the appointment, the center will send us the information. We will conduct a verification process that only takes about 30 minutes. Once your finance has been verified, you leave the verification center with a check in hand. This can be cashed on the same day at any bank. Remember that all this happens without us snooping in your finances.


Set Yourself Up for Financial Success

At Rapid Auto Loans, we want to offer you the support you need to succeed. You can rest easy about a past bankruptcy and maintain your financial independence. We don't go snooping around to check on financial behavior. Your auto loan application isn't based on your credit score or your bank account movements. We honor our client's privacy and only make use of the information we need. No need for proof of income or expenses. The funds you qualify for are purely based on the value of your vehicle. Using your car as collateral decreases the risk of a reoccurring bankruptcy. You end up maintaining your financial freedom.


Easy Payment Plan

Our finance plans are easy. You simply make a total of 12 monthly payments on your car title loan. And your first payment isn't due for 30 days from your loan date. No pre-payment penalties and interest only charged for the outstanding loan period. You have three convenient ways to make payment. 


These include:

  • Mailing it to us
  • Paying on our website
  • Pay at an authorized payment center (selected Walmart MoneyGram Center or 7-11 stores in Florida)


Paying your loan shouldn't have to be complicated; and with Rapid Auto Loans, it doesn't have to be.


The Car Title Loan People in Florida

At Rapid Auto Loans, past bankruptcy doesn't have to hold you back. Added to this, no credit or bad isn't a problem. For a no-frills application process, we're the right people. No financial history disclosure and no complicated payment plans. Just fast cash straight in your pocket. Call us today at 954-960-7097 or check out the Rapid Auto Loans Facebook page for updates.


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Government Fee


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Total amount Financed


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