Applying For A Second Car Title Loan

Aug 15, 2021
Title Loans

If you've applied and received an auto title loan before, you'll know how handy they can be. Getting that instant cash injection goes a long way when funds are low and you need money now. One certainty in life is that it constantly throws us curve balls. 


Sometimes, you may need another car title loan sooner than you think. Here's a look at how you apply for another car title loan.

Extending Your Existing Title Loan

At Rapid Auto Loans we value our client relationships. Trust is developed by establishing a good payment history with us. Once you have paid on time for three or four months, we will assess for a loan extension. This means that we may extend you more money on the same loan and the same vehicle.


By doing this you maintain a single title loan while having access to more funds. This is a great option for those clients who need that little extra on their auto title loan. Chat to one of our consultants to find out more about extending your loan.

Have A Title Loan Already But You Need Another?

We can still offer options. In this case, you will either need to choose one of three options:


You can have up to two loans with Rapid Auto Loans at a time if the second title loan is for a different vehicle. As long as your first vehicle is in good standing with us, apply using your second vehicle and we may be able to secure additional funds for you.


Do you have an existing loan with Rapid Auto Loans and need more cash, but you only have one vehicle? If you've made over three payments, we may still be able to help. Call us at 954-960-7097 to see what we can offer.


Have a loan with another company and need more cash? Apply with us and if available, we can pay off your existing loan with another company and take the first lien holder position.

How To Apply For Your Auto Title Loan?

Applying with Rapid Auto Loans can be done in a few easy steps:


Complete an online application or call us at 954-960-7097.


Upon pre-approval, set up an appointment at one of our authorized inspection centers or download our virtual inspection tool. If you do choose an in-person appointment, we have offices conveniently located throughout Florida.


Have some coffee while we verify your application. (This takes around 30 minutes)


Once you're approved, you'll receive a check from the inspection center.


Cash your check instantly at any bank or ask about our check free options available for pick up at any Walmart MoneyGram Center.


Once your title loan is up and running, you'll find out how easy the payment options are. Paying for your title loan is as simple as applying for your loan. Be sure to check out our easy payment plans.

The Florida Car Title Loan Experts

Whether you're in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, or West Palm Beach we have you covered. At Rapid Auto Loans, our application process for a second title loan is as easy as the first. No one wants to waste time applying for financing. It's for this reason that we make applying as seamless as possible. Give us a call at 954-960-7097 to apply for your additional car title loan, today.


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POMPANO BEACH, Fla., February 15, 2022 ( — Rapid Auto Loans offers car title loans of $300 or more throughout Florida to individuals facing financial hardships and are in need of fast cash. Car title loans are alternatives to traditional loans and use the value of a vehicle as collateral. Best of all, the applicant has 12 months to repay their title loan and can still drive their car in the meantime. These loans have helped keep countless Florida residents out of collections, foreclosure, and utility shutoffs.

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A short-term loan such as a car title loan from Rapid Auto Loans offers you quick cash when you’re facing financial hardship. Get the emergency money you need by using the value of your vehicle as collateral for the loan. Our car title loans help keep you from having your utilities shut off, out of foreclosure or being evicted, or even out of collections too. Our goal is to help our customers throughout Pompano Beach get the cash that they need fast.

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Rapid Auto Loans is a consumer finance company licensed under Florida 516. The term title loan is used for marketing purposes only.
All loans have a repayment period of 12 months and there is no minimum prepayment penalty. Interest Rates are determined and approved by the State of Florida based on the borrowed amount and the maximum APR (which includes interest rate plus fees and other costs for a year) is 30%. You pay interest only for the time your loan is outstanding. Below is a representative example of the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees:



Government Fee


Credit investigative Fee


Documentary Stamp Tax


Total amount Financed


Original Loan Date




Monthly Payment (x12)

Rapid Auto uses “Auto Title Loans” for advertisement purposes only and provides auto equity loans. The lenders are licensed under the “Florida Consumer Finance Act” under Florida Statute 516 and as such lenders loans is exempt from any licensing requirements under the “Florida Title Loan Act” to the extent that any of lenders activities involve the making of a loan of money to a consumer secured by bailment of a certificate of title to a motor vehicle.