Curb Expenses With These Money Management Tips

Aug 10, 2021
Money Saving Tips

Many people struggle with money management. It can be tough to figure out the best way to utilize money, especially for Millennials on a tight budget.


It is never too late to start saving more for your future. Check out this helpful guide from Rapid Auto Loans that breaks down some of the best spending habits you can adopt today in order to be better off tomorrow.


What Is Money Management?

Money management means taking charge of your finances through budgeting and financial planning. You should know where your money is going by tracking expenses and identifying spending habits that need changing.


It can be hard to figure out how money is being spent. There are many places where money leaks from our budget without us realizing it, and some of these expenses may not make sense for your personal situation.


These are the types of unnecessary expenses that we're going to talk about today:

  • Entertainment Costs
  • Food & Drink Costs
  • Transportation Costs
  • Clothing Costs


Entertainment Costs

Entertainment is expensive, but it doesn't have to be! Check out these ways to save.


Nix the Cable Plan

Looking for another way to save money? Ditch your cable plan. The average cable bill costs over $200 per month, and with the abundance of streaming services on offer these days you should be able to find a cheaper alternative without sacrificing on entertainment.


Find a Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

Choosing a less expensive phone plan is another money saving strategy. Switching your cell phone provider every six months is one of the easiest ways to save money on your monthly bill. There are many affordable providers out there that offer great coverage and excellent customer service.


Borrow Books From Public Libraries

Books and movies through public libraries are free of charge! This is another way that Millennials can cut down expenses while still finding entertainment. You will not have access to all the latest releases as soon as others, but you will still be able to find something entertaining.


Reconsider Pet Ownership

Dogs and cats are wonderful additions to our lives, but they are also a significant expense. They require maintenance expenses like food, kennels, toys, bedding, and the routine vet visit.


If you're considering getting a pet, do your research and try to find the best deal. A lot of animal shelters will provide neuter/spay services for free if it is your first time owning an animal.


Food & Drink Costs

Need to save on food and drink costs? Here are some ways you can do just that!


Dine In Instead of Dining Out

When it comes to eating out, restaurants can eat up your funds. Why spend so much money on food and time when you could easily find a way to cook at home? Cooking is an excellent skill that everyone should learn anyway! You always have the option of having a "dine-in" date night with your significant other instead of spending too many dollars going out for dinner.


Be Your Own Barista

Your morning cup of coffee might be costing you much more than you think - especially if you're ordering specialty drinks. Brew your own coffee at home rather than going to the coffee shop for a latte or Frappuccino. Not only will this save money, but you may find yourself picking up on some skills and becoming an at-home barista.


Bring Your Lunch to Work

Eating out for lunch every day is an expensive habit. Pack your lunch at home instead of going out or buying it from a sandwich shop, even if you just pack leftovers from dinner. This will allow you to enjoy some time away from work AND keep more money in your wallet!


Become an At-Home Cocktail Connoisseur

Buying drinks at bars or clubs is expensive. You can get the same drink at home for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you'll be able to save money on alcohol if you purchase it in bulk at Costco or online from sites like Wine Direct rather than going into stores and buying individual bottles!


Buy in Bulk

When you buy items in bulk, it's almost always cheaper per unit. This is the big advantage of buying things like groceries and household products at Sam's Club or Costco. Your purchases will last longer and will be a better value.


Transportation Costs

If you're looking to save money on transportation costs, then try these tips.


Go For a Used, Fuel-Efficient Car

A new car immediately depreciates when it leaves the lot. So, why not buy a used car that will offer you greater savings and keep your hard-earned money in your wallet?


If you're looking to save, a fuel-efficient car is a great way to do so. Some cars offer better gas mileage than others, which can add up money-wise in the long run.


Ride Share an Uber or Lyft

Need to hail a ride somewhere? Consider riding with someone else and splitting the costs. This will save money on gas, as well as the cost of a car.


Clothing Costs

You can save money and not sacrifice style with these tips on curbing clothing costs.


Get Thrifty

By shopping at consignment stores or thrift shops, you can find great deals on lightly used articles of clothing. Don't let the word "secondhand" fool you. There are plenty of good finds at your local thrift store! Savvy shoppers have found excellent vintage pieces as well as designer clothes for a fraction of their original price.


Look for Clothes that Last

A good rule of thumb while shopping is to look for clothes that are made from high-quality, durable materials. This ensures you will be able to wear your purchases multiple times without needing another purchase soon afterwards. For instance, jeans can last up to 10 years with the right care and consideration, so choosing a well-made pair instead of just any brand could save money in the long run!


Forget about Designer Labels

Designer brands are a status symbol, but let's face it: the price tag is often just for the name and does not reflect what you get out of them. Save money and buy the same types of clothes without the label at a third of the price.


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Aug 15, 2021
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