Personal Loans You Can Get With Bad Credit

Nov 12, 2021
Bad Credit Tips

personal loan can be a lifesaver for those unexpected emergencies in life. Whether it's the washer that's packed up, or some unplanned medical expenses, unwanted expenses have a way of piling up at the worst times. Sometimes we just need that bit of extra help. But how do you qualify for a personal loan when you have bad credit? Here's some news you may rather enjoy: You are not your credit score, and it is possible to get a personal loan with bad credit.


It's all about knowing which loans you can apply for. Here's a look at the different types of personal loans you can get with bad credit.


Stay Away from Unsecured Loans 

Unsecured loans mean that there is no collateral required to guarantee that loan. In other words, there is no physical asset backing it. Unsecured loans are riskier to the lender as they have no collateral. Lenders require a solid credit history and a good credit score for these loans.


If you have bad credit, it's best to not apply for an unsecured loan. But don't worry, as the next type of personal loan is good news.


Go For Green on Secured Loans 

Secured loans require some form of asset to guarantee the personal loan. This may be a savings account, a vehicle, or even a mortgage. Secured loans are less risky for the lender, so if your credit score is on the lower side, you may just be in luck. Here are the different types of secured loans for you to consider:


Payday Loans

Payday loans are smaller amounts of money granted by a lender. They come with a high-interest rate and are stretched over several months. The agreement is that the borrower will make a repayment on their payday. Payday loans are designed for those with bad credit. It's best to be cautious though, as their steep interest rates can be costly. 


Home Equity Loans 

With these loans, lenders use your home equity as collateral. This is the difference between the value of your home and the balance of your mortgage. Home equity loans offer competitive interest rates as there is a good level of surety with the loan. But what happens if you don't have a mortgage or if you prefer a different personal loan option? Well, this is where car title loans come in.


Car Title Loans

Car title loans are a great way to access a personal loan. Auto title loans use your car as collateral. You're, in essence, turning your car into cash, while still being able to drive your car.

Here are the key benefits of car title loans:


No Credit History Required

reputable auto loan lender doesn't require a credit history. This is because your car stands as collateral. Why should a financial institution snoop in your personal financial affairs without reason? With a trusted Florida lender such as Rapid Auto Loans, you'll never have to go through a credit check.


Easy Application Process

No credit checks mean that you get your money faster. Car title loans have far less paperwork and admin to complete. Auto title loans require an inspection appointment to confirm your car's value. Once this is done, you'll be notified of the amount that you qualify for. The best news? With Rapid Auto Loans, you can get your cash that same day. 


Worried about coverage? At Rapid Auto Loans, we have Florida covered. From Jacksonville down to Miami. Getting cash is as easy as driving to one of our conveniently placed assessment centers.


Short Fixed-Term Contract

Car title loans are divided into short and manageable payment terms. This makes them the perfect personal loans with bad credit. These are usually 12 monthly installments. These short payment terms enable you to pay back your loan quickly and easily. This will help you to repair your credit record over a shorter period.


Fun Title Loan Fact: If you have a boat or an RV, you may be able to qualify for a loan. This works in the same way as a car, but with a boat or RV. If you're an avid boater or RV explorer, then this may be just the way to secure that extra cash. 


For Personal Loan with Bad Credit, Call Rapid Auto Loans

At Rapid Auto Loans, we provide short-term car title loans. You can get approval 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a car, we'll do our best to get you the cash you need. Don't let a bad credit record define you. Call us today at 954-678-5781 and experience that personal touch. Follow Rapid Auto Loans on Facebook too for ongoing personal loan advice.


Rapid Auto Loans Favorite Money Saving Internet Tools

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Getting A Loan With No Credit

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Can I Get A Car Title Loan With Past Bankruptcy

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